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Now, what exactly is a hotel management software?

A hotel management software EloPMS – a software that streamlines the A-Z of hotel operations. It is a set of fully integrated modules that handle reservation, room operations, housekeeping, guest engagement, banqueting and so. Playing a significant role in increasing a hotel’s efficiency and revenue, the hotel management software has become an inseparable part of hotel management.

Hotel Software

Simplify your hotel operations using EloPMS

Financial Acc.

Improve your account with restaurant POS

HRM & Payroll

A powerful & fast 1-click distribution system

Resturant POS

The most comprehensive restaurant POS

Inventory Man.

Increase your bookings through your website

Hotel Channel Management

EloPMS online hotel channel manager aids hoteliers to efficiently manage property’s room price and inventory distribution on various connected channels/ booking portals (OTAs & GDS), hotel’s website and Facebook page.

Hotel Website Booking Engine

EloPMS online booking engine is the best online reservation solution that takes hotel occupancy rates to new level, by allowing the hotel or any property to receive online bookings from hotel’s website and various other sources.

On-premise Hotel Property Management System

EloPMS perfectly suits the needs of various types of properties and used in hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, B & B’s, small hotel franchisees, clubs, condos, hostels, apartments and more.

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