Hospital Management System

Hospital management system is the software, from which you can manage your hospital system.Are you confused? yeah i know that you’re thinking that it is very difficult to handle a hospital with just a software but you’re in doubt, this software is a full pack of modules which have different features and function from which you can run hospital management system easily.
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Modules of Hospital Management System

Here are some modules and features of hospital management system.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy is the module of hospital management system where you can add medicines, it is actually the database of your medicines you’ve in your store. you can manage the purchase order, purchase invoice, purchase return, sale invoice, sale return, payments from accounts and much more.
  • Stocks Alerts
  • Product Definition
  • Opening Stock
  • Near Expiry Report
  • Expired Medicine Report
  • Medicine, Medicine Price Report
  • Stock, Batch, Expiry Management
  • Batch, Stock, Stock Shortage & And Zero Stock Report

Indoor Management

Indoor is the module in which you can create your database about the patient admission, patient details, panel approval, patient billing, patient discharge bill and much more.
  • Patient Expired
  • Discharge Patients
  • Treatment Completed
  • Daily Admitted Patients
  • Patient Discharge Report
  • Referred To Other Hospital
  • Patient Admission Report
  • Daily Discharged & Expired Patients
  • Assign Rooms, Beds & Consultants
  • Overall Admitted Patients Filters, Consultant Wise & Diagnosis Wise

OPD Management

Out patient department in which patients are provided the medical consultations and other allied services. OPD contains OPD receipt, cancel receipt, refund receipt, patient vitals, patient prescription, consultant timings, consultant appointments, OPD payment to consultant, OPD shift closing.
  • Prescription History
  • Medicine Prescription
  • Laboratory Prescription
  • Patient Medical Record
  • Patient Prescription & History
  • Receipt Generation
  • Cancel Appointments
  • Appointment And Scheduling
  • Medicine & Laboratory Prescription
  • Daily Receipts,Doctors & Patients Report


In laboratory modules of hospital management system, it contains lab receipt, lab refund, lab intimation, pending lab test. It involves all the functions of laboratory.
  • Lab Test Results Report
  • Prescription Wise Bookings
  • Sample Material Collections
  • Daily & Lab Test Bookings
  • Multi Attributes Wise Results
  • Dynamically Loaded Attributes
  • Patient Wise Results Reports
  • Over All Bookings Filters: Patient Wise , Date Wise


In radiology it contains all the things related to radiology like radiology receipt, X-Rays reporting, Ultra sound reporting, CT Scan reporting. The best module of the hospital management system is radiology and you’ll never find such module in any paid software.
  • X-Ray, CT-Scan & Ultra Sound Report
  • Ultra Sound Report
  • CT-Scan Report Format
  • Ultra Sound Report Format
  • X-Ray Type Definition
  • & Many More...


Setups is the most advanced module of our hospital management system because it is very complex and best, it has great functions and you’ll find it astonishing too. it consists control panel from which you can print the receipt,you can also find, add or remove the medicine suppliers here, you can also find the companies and their physical and digital address details which are actually the manufacturers of that medicines you’ve added in your hospital management system.
In Setups module you can find, add or remove the customers and their details which you’ve added in your hospital management system The most advanced feature in our hospital management software is shelves locations from which you can find any medicine easily without wandering here and there because you can easily find their locations.


We have actually added reports and receipt in every module but it is very important to save the database of reports from which we can get any report on any time whether it is OPD, pharmacy, laboratory or any other report.
According to law we have to save all the database of our patients that’s why this module is awesome.