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Eliminate paperwork with cutting edge technology

Make smarter scheduling decisions with GPS tracking

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About CBA Software

Running a cleaning business means you are always on the move and need to manage your schedules and jobs on the go.

CBA software makes sure all your cleaning staff arrives in the right place, on time, and with the right materials. CBA software simplifies the process of combining cleaning services with effective job management tools built on a secure, cloud-based platform. Boosting your team’s productivity with CBA can dramatically impact your ability to maximize the earning potential of your cleaning company.


Cloud Based Platform

With CBA software, you can schedule jobs easily to one or more of your cleaning team with an intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling tool. This visual aspect of our cloud-based mobile app helps you make common sense decisions about who to assign a particular job to. What’s more, GPS tracking allows you to view the current position of your field staff on a map and schedule work based on their location, reducing travel time between jobs and improving efficiency.

Mobile notifications to keep
everyone in the loop

When you schedule a job for one of your cleaners, they will get a notification on their mobile app, as well as an optional email if you prefer, with job details ready to view. Adding a new customer or job to the system couldn’t be easier. Your team will find using the software a breeze without the need for lots of training. If they do get stuck, you can contact  from within the app or use one of our many resources, including ‘How To’ videos.

We Solve Real Problems

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download a comprehensive PDF job report from the admin console, containing all the job details recorded since the beginning of the process.

Scheduling Jobs

View your workers’ current positions on the map and use the drag and drop scheduling tool to make smarter decisions for your customers and staff.

Sync Data

Field workers can record photos, notes and even customer signatures on site, allowing them to sign off jobs without the need for paperwork.


Once a job has been scheduled, the relevant field worker will instantly receive a notification on their Workever mobile app complete with all job details.

Excel File

This can be saved or exported as a excel file for reporting purposes or forwarded on to the customer, if required, via the Customer Portal.

Cloud Based Platform

The benefits of the cloud based platform work both ways. Office staff can afford permissions to field team that streamline your business process and save time.

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