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Its a web based Point of sale with complete Inventory Management, Sale/ Purchase, Stock Management, Customer Data & Account management System with complete reporting and analytics. Now its available with source code on promotional price.
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Point of Sale - Inventory Management

Multi Branches - Multi Language

We know basic need of every client is the availability of all modules in one point of sale software, As per expectations of client or customers we’ve developed multiple functional POS system, You’ll get all the necessary functions in this point of sale software.
There many features in our point of sale you have never seen before. If you want all the features pack in one software then our point of sale is the best choice for you.

Point Of Sale

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Inventory & Purchase Managmenet

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Employee Managmenet

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Supplier & Customer Management

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Promotions & discounts

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Other Top Features

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Web Based Point of Sale (POS) Solution - With Source Code


PHP, Codeignier Framework, MVC Architecture, My SQL DB

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