Cargo Service Management System

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Cargo Management System

Cargo management system is the system through which you manage the shipping process with best desktop software. Cargo management system is the most complex and advanced management system as compared to others like School management system, laboratory or hospital management system. Only because it has a lot of paper work which you have to manage a lot carefully. In abroad to maintain the quality of cargo system they have graceful and well established digital software. Some people can’t afford that so in order to get that software we have developed best desktop cargo management system software in a very affordable price.

Bill Entry

Bill entry is the module of cargo system, In which you can enter the job id, bill no, date, name, date physical and digital addresses like email address and phone etc.


Transactions is the mega module in which you can find
In real you’ll find it very tough to manage with papers. but now you don’t have to worry because this software will help you a lot to handle your cargo system.


In reports module you can search any individual report as well as ultimate report. Complaints note, branch wise and customer vise is present in reports module.