Laboratory Management


Customize able Medical Reports.
Patient ID & Case ID Bar Codes.
Barcode Scanner Enabled System.

Record Features

Quick Test Record Select Features
Booking by Test Category or                Individually
 Short Keys for all Events

Sample alerts

Be notified about low number of sample aliquots, sample expiration date, sample volume or cycle count.


Laboratory Management System is a comprehensive Medical Lab Software, which can handle multiple types of Test Categories, Test Records, Results, Pricing, Taxes, Discounts, sale records and Sale Reports. Its customize able reporting system makes it more comprehensive for the Medical Laboratories in the World.

Why Choose Our Software

Our amazing features and services listed below

Customizable, scalable and flexible solution

Sale Records Management, Invoices, Balance Total Sales

Doctors & Patient Record Management

Customer Sale Invoice, Sales Records and Patient Case IDs tracking by Barcode

Professional Reporting System, Customizalbe Reports

Patient Record Management

Makes Daily LAB Operations Easier

Eliminate endless email threads, needless meetings, and copious check-ins with real-time commenting and notifications, live editing, dynamic reports, and more. Best of all? Information can easily be shared .

Advanced data mining, automatic data validity checks, hundreds of alert settings and imbedded integration with Microsoft Excel are just a few of the tools users and admins have to ensure that data is input properly and is immediately accessible for analysis and reporting

Individual labs within larger organizations gain more autonomy. Start-ups and other small labs can completely avoid all IT staffing and investment.