Restaurant Point of Sale Software

Restaurant POS (Point of Sale) software is best management system software through which you can run a restaurant easily. As you already know that to run a restaurant is not an easy thing that’s why Itvision developers have developed this restaurant POS software in which you will find tons of features and function from which you can easily manage your restaurant at standard level. It is actually restaurant point of sale software from which you can manage multi restaurants easily.

Features of Restaurant Point of Sale

Restaurant POS have a lot of features and functions you’ve never seen before. In above image you can see recipes grids on extreme right side, you can add many recipes, from here you can select any recipe for customer. You can select quantity of the order. You can also select the table for your customer, on which ordered recipe will be placed. There is another option of “Parcel” you can see on the image. You can also select the option of parcel for your customer if your customer wants his order in parcel.
If your recipe has sub categories then you can also select them, if you select the recipe you’ll also get the sub categories of your recipe. confused? Let me explain.

You can split order, reprint bill and the best thing is this restaurant is that you can also create unit price of your recipes so it will automatically create large bill and you have to print only. It will add amount automatically after selecting recipe.
You can also add order type in this restaurant POS software. If your customer is willing to pay you via credit card or another payment method, you can select the payment method for your customer through this restaurant POS software.

Restaurant information Management System /point of sale

RIMS (Restaurant information Management System) is for Restaurants and all Food Service Specialties. RIMS Hospitality Suite is an integrated solution that fits into any Delivery, Dine-In, Fine Dine-In, QSR, Casual Dine-In & Retail segments of the business. RIMS is complete integrated solution with multi company ,multi brand features. RIMS’s approach to food service inventory and cost control is flexible, comprehensive and universal. Though primarily designed for restaurants business, RIMS is also used in the full variety of food service specialties.

Features of Restaurant point of sale System

Functions of Restaurant Point of Sale System

Every point of sale system has it’s own features and functions So, our restaurant point of sale system/POS has also a lot of features you’ll never see anywhere.
Here i’m going to enlist the functions of restaurant point of sale.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing) Back Office

Restaurant point of sale system has a complete backoffice to manage products, sales, purchase, inventory, vendors, POS, Barcode, Kitchen, Warehouse, Currency and a lot of high level modules.

System Setup

Restaurant POS contains system setup in which you create or manage country setup, company setup, brands setup, branch setup, currency exchange setup and payment setup.

Inventory Management System

Restaurant information management system contains multiple categories, multiple measurement unites and storage Item setup.

Product Setup

In restaurant point of sale system you can setup any product Company wise brand wise, barcode, feature multiple units daily, monthly Inventor, cost, purchase, stock, nutrition setup and menu setup.

Vendor Management

Restaurant point of sale contains vendor management which is a big sytem, it contains vendor setting (company wise/ brand wise/ vendor personal detail), purchase, vendor products and received products.

Purchase Management

Restaurant POS has modules of new purchase order, costing detail, pending purchase orders and new cash purchase.

Sales Management

In sales management module of restaurant point of sale software you’ll find receipt management receipt category/ sub category/ description/ receipt group/ Image.

Restaurant Management

In restaurant point of sale software involves Check IN, Check Out, Direct Purchase, Order Request, Inventory, Received, Inventory Return,Wastage and Closing.

Warehouse Management

Restaurant point of sale software contains Goods Receivable, Inventory Issues, Inventory Receive, Wastage, Closing Stock, Adjustment of Stock, Production.


This system includes 100s of reports. All reports are fully customizable. Restaurant point of sale software involves System setup Reports, Inventory Reports, Warehouse Reports, Purchase Reports, Financial and Material Reports.
You can increase quantity of order as you can see the numerical buttons on the sidebar.Every point of sale system has it’s own features and modules which vary their value and price.