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Here are Some Features of Our Medicine Distribution Accounting Software


EloERP point of sale & accounting software can completely automate your pharmaceutical distribution business structure. Sell everything on customer’s need, scale comfortably, and make smart choices with actual-time reporting.
EloERP sale process is super fast. It sale screen has been designed taking in view of the highly rushed retail stores, and the wholesellers who don’t use the software due to lake of time required in their sale process. EloERP Point of Sale will boost and automate their sale process from minutes to seconds.

Extensive Reporting

Deal with 100+ Customers in Every Minute

Advance Inventory Management

Sale, Purchase Process & Discount

Our Powerful Purchasing Module keeps you notified about every single minute outcome. You may sell a bottle of syrup, but you usually buy it in cases of 12. Define this at the purchase level, and EloERP does the math for the costs on each bottle you sell. Entering discounts—by percentage or dollar amount, per item or the entire order—is easy, intuitive, and quick. Define Promotions like Buy One Get One Free, Specific Discount on Specific Sale Amount, Specific Discount on Specific Stock Items.

Stock Management

Manage your inventory and stock at any level. Using EloERP you can get eye on every single unit of stock item even if one product every single unit has its own variable, you can control it. This is the best thing which makes EloERP unique in the world.
Stock Packing & Unpacking makes EloERP more advance Inventory & Stock Management System. Through this feature you can sell one product in multiple units, which has been purchased in single unit.

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